AŞK ………….

🐞❤💕🐞uĞuR BöCeĞi 🐞💕❤🐞🌹💋👠💕NaR-ı 💋aŞK💕👠💋🌹 🐞 ❤ 💕 🐞LaDYBuG🐞 💕 ❤ 🐞 👠 💕 The FiRe 💋 oF ❤ LoVe 💕 👠 💘 👠 🌹 🐞 🌹 👠 💘


Ben kelebeğim sende melek

Ne kadar güzel seni sevmek

Şu kısacık ömrümde

Seni etrafında pervane olup dönmek

Kokunu hissetmek

Narin tenine konmak

Huzur bulmak

Seninle olmak.

Seninle yaşamak.

Özgürlüğe kanat çırpmak.

Çok şey istemiyorum ki!

Sadece seni

Bana gülümsemeni



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The Budding Ken

My mirror ache to see
Who I dream
When I’m feeling me
And I’m digging her
I’m getting out of my head,
Putting worth in the work.

An ounce within
This collective conscious
Omnipotent and
No mistakes were made
When it wrote my mission
Is to come to fruition

’cause the regrets
Displace the scenes
Along the ride, dividing
Life from death, forgetting
Heaven is a merging
Of all journeys.

Surrender suspends
In space, elusive
I won’t snuff out too
Late or too soon, until
My fate is concluded,
I will pursue her.

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The Last Full Moon of Summer

Spiritual in a Religious Town

The last Full Moon of Summer
travels through Pisces.
We become fish.
Swimming through the Virgin’s Sun.

Green is fading from the individual leaves,
which make up September’s breeze.
It is time again for their cyclical death.

First, a promise to return.
Mother Nature’s majestic show.
Green becomes red, orange, and yellow.

With each fading leaf,
death calls cold
to take warmth’s place.

As Hades calls Persephone
to be his Queen,
At least,
until the return
of her Spring.

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“Where Do I Belong?” – An Indian Mind


sad-girl-beachI complained to my mom
“The country I’m from
Doesn’t seem  to be where I really belong
When I grow up I would go abroad
Far from this place – so odd

I watched my mom’s curious eyes
And replied to her unsaid ‘why‘.

“Corruption Rape Pollution Poverty
Are common words heard in our country
Where people still believe in untouchability
And we are so backward in technology.

Where pollution is abundant in the air
Causing thousands of people to die everywhere
Where a woman is raped every 22 minutes
And not even a crust of bread the poor sometimes get

Where conmen are worshipped
But logic and reasoning criticized
Where food is adulterated
And protesters pulled back
If they raise their voice

Where people’s minds are dirty
And so are the streets
Where thousands die
For they have none to eat

Where malnutrition causes
3000 children to…

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Lady Empress of Jupiter 

Holy Queen Mother

Bathing in diamonds like I do,

Broken molds, broken hearts,

It happens with fresh starts.
Rejected, subjected, redirected,

All for something better than a mere mortal could ever bestow upon this Goddess.
Satisfaction in knowing I always win,

No matter my sins I’m found in love,

This feeling my drug, so high let’s ride.
Now as it blows, I’m the Queen of Rome,

No games, just me dressed in Fame,

I’ll never be the same, he’ll never be the same,

Resurrected every fallen dream, so it be,

I’m lady jubilee, Jupiter empress, lady love.

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now, about my dream

No Talent For Certainty

you said you had a dream we met;
a thing we just might do, one day.

though in my dream, it was at night…

a misty, rainy sort of night,
but in a well-lit city park
that kept the midnight far from dark,
and where i called you by your name,
and you embraced me as a friend,
and all the world was wet with tears

for things and places torn and gone,
for dreams that lawyers take away,
for hopes left up on doctor’s shelves,
and cold gray rooms that some romanticize —

but all of that, we didn’t say,
because we knew the other knew,
and lives are rooms behind locked doors,
though our words may be keys…

and then you spoke, although
your words were song;
the misty park dissolved
before too long,
and i awoke, not knowing what
you said,
but with your music
still inside

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