“The Wild”

Poems and Stories

A view of the wild,

Lush and green,

Trees and mountains,

As far as you can see,

Hissing sound of the water,

Crawling down the earth,

Giving life along the way,

It all starts from the wild,

Down there where,

Clouds meet cities,

Morning fog all around,

Fresh leaves and wet ground,

Birds chirping and whistling,

There is no better sound,

Peace and calm fills me,

When nature is around,

Trees so big,

They touch the clouds,

Brings us the rain,

Now and stay for a while,

All this green gives me hope,

To be free and rejoice,

Away from the dust,

From those bright city lights,

I wish to stay here,

Among the wild,

Again, I wander deep,

Into the wild.

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Lido Of Venice


Hearts transported, feet sinking into welcoming sand
Warm frothy waters caressing tanned skin
couples seek this treasure trove away from city’s din.
lovers captivated by the Golden Island

As the magnificent orb sets on a glorious day
Frolicking thoughts and passions play
An effervescent sky casts a seducing light
On Adriatic sea somnolent in evening’s twilight.

As the night climaxes into wee hours of morning
Horizon glows with effusion of new day dawning
The Lido of Venice, a lagoon enclosing love-in
Paradise, a haven where romance will never wear thin.

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Women’s Day 2017 – Today we Rise

Scribbled Verse

Today we rise.

No more hiding in the shadows,

of culture,



No more silent complicity,

disingenuous arguments,

hypocritical pretences,

shabby excuses for the actions of men,

abusive men.

Today, we rise,

as one.

Today the change starts,

with me,

within me.

With you.

Within you.

Today WE Rise!

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