Piccole Storie d'Amore


Era un giorno di fine estate
Lei e Io
Persi di notte a guardare il Mare
A Cercare le Anime disperse chissà dove.
Aveva voglia di annegare in una tempesta
Solo per ritrovare se stessa.
Mi guardò negli occhi luccicanti di stelle
Poggiò le labbra sulle mie
Delicate nuvole sui tetti rossi
Assaporò l’amaro del mio a_mare
E mi chiese d’entrare nel cuore.
Io e Lei
Ci perdemmo in un istante
dentro l’alba di un nuovo giorno, di Noi
Ci abbandonammo tra le lenzuola
Vele candide e lacerate dal vento
d’un veliero senza alcuna direzione
Se non quella delle tempeste di passione.

Giuseppe La Mura set 2016
testo: copyright legge 22 Aprile 1941 n°633
photo: Web

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Kingdom of God

Starry's Confessions

So you want to enter inside?

You want to enter the Kingdom of God?

Well boy I say unto thee…

….Unless you are born of Spirit, you cannot enter into me.

Repent boy.

Boy repent.

Repent and believe in love’s gospel.

I will grant you redemption.

Exorcise  your past sins.

Your gift is my Kingdom, as my lips crown you as king.

So as you thrust on to me. And worship this glory land.

You will be purified and released from the man whore you once was…

..And I will deliver you from bitches!!


Written by S.K.Jackson

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The Creative Mind vs The Creative Heart

Starry's Confessions

Your mind is your virtue.
To me it’s my heart.
You sail through thoughts as I sail through feelings.
We both seek the possibilities and read between the lines.
Yes we are the dreamers that encourage imagination.
We are the Artist that seek a deeper meaning.
Stretching our thoughts and feelings to places unknown.
As I stir their emotions. You stir their thoughts.
Creating our own hypothesis on life. We are different from the rest. Born to not fit.
As we are the future helping souls to transit.
Yes you with your mind and me with my heart.
Evolving, evolving, trying to make our mark.

Written by S.K.Jackson

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Five Years Ago

Heartstring Eulogies

photo credit @s_a_w_a_n

September 11, 2026

Twenty-five years ago, one of my nightmares came to life, and it haunted me ever since. I remembered hearing about the people, falling from the sky. Plummeting to their deaths. My disbelieving eyes couldn’t look away. But, the nightmare continued.

It seemed like everything fell from the skies that day.

I remembered the shock and the numbness that lingered for weeks, along with brief glimpses of panic that didn’t fully manifest until fifteen years ago when the rest of my nightmares turned out to be true.

But none of it compared to five years ago, when everything fell from the sky. Five years ago, when everyone died, except for me.

© Sarah Doughty

For the #PiccadillyPrompts challenge
I’m hosting on Instagram,
based on prompts in their prompt journals.
This one is from 300 Writing Prompts,
which they were kind enough to let me share:

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