Lunarian Thoughts

I was taking a brief respite outside,
late one night,
when, under the silvery silken light
of the pearl in the sky,
I came upon a solemn realization.
You and I are like the sun and moon.

You are so much like the sun.
Your love, light that can penetrate even the darkest of souls,
your laugh, warmth that can melt even the coldest of hearts.
You are the very sustenance that this Earth needs to grow,
to thrive,
to live.
You shine your soul freely,
over mountain and meadow,
ocean and creek,
asking for nothing in return,
as you do what you do best;
blaze in a brilliant, beautiful bloom
of oranges, reds, pinks, and purples.

But I, alas, am much too much
like the moon.
I pale in comparison to your light.
I am soft, and subtle
quiet, and calm,
and at my best, I only ever provide…

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Numb to the awful


A comment ‘ numb to the awful’ from my friend Grant @GrandTrines inspired this post.

I thank Charlie https://charliezero1.wordpress.com/for encouraging me to write beat.

Whirling through the galaxy I feel stars in my mouth They breathe the loneliness of seeking, As blodshot eyes spill; The bane of clueless thoughts-bound by laws Earth bound in a decrepit world Numb eyed-apocalyse filled where Truth spits white grime In an organic milky way- my sky...a lost blue echo I tread space trying to catch flowers and find Mortal remains of lightening bugs.. A seed from earth floats- a transit to inception I peer into the black hole Earth gapes at me Horendous fires glaze..a trapeze of existence.. The space is like an unused womb bearing Vast infinte of coagulated blood Stars gnarl into a blood vessel highway Pulling up a scentless garden Black flowers twirl...color numb My muse is numb to the awful…

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The Whispering Leaf 

Scribbled Verse

The Whispering Leaf.

Infinite tendrils,

weave exquisite patterns,
forming an immaculate, delicate sheaf,
while morning’s dew whispers,
tales of forgotten woes,

left scribbled on every leaf.

Murmurs float gently,

across solitary trees,
to distant forests deep and dense,
teasing the waving grasses,
while coquettishly inflaming every sense.

Listen! For the murmurs whisper to us all,
listen carefully,
as the whispers recall,
the crushed memories of the lovers’ call.

For the whispering leaf shares,
a story that may travel,

to you, to me,

if we still our minds,

gazing upon each leaf,
and quietly marvel.

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pain lays itself down into september's breath
i decorate my  bodice with heaven's glow
fingers push vowels into a canvas 
pulsing ruptured
pain etches plea
broken stars ignite vignette
axiomatic glimpses grace
virgin sheets
sighs ripple blue flames
charming an escape
of life's fragrances
essences burn golden
eternalizing petaled reflecions

an artist pours
her expressions---

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