Rambling Kori

Lies and Bullshit by Kori | Written 6/16/2017

“Your pretty face,
shines in the moonlight”
Flower covered words,
spoken to the pea brain.

She thinks all is swell,
but he has other ideas.
He eases her mind,
for his sinister plans.

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note from the underbelly….

The Bloomiverse...

it’s been a few days. very unlike me. very tough week. found out my mom has cancer yesterday. i was on the bus almost to my stop, on my way to work. the warrior and heart break burst open at once, flooding out in tears and conviction. calls to family. talking to my supervisors. thankful for working in the mental health field. i heard my mom’s voice in my head, her wish being for me to graduate. i decided to finish up my day. working closed the void in my heart. routine is everything. she will fight this and we will be her fellow warriors. the outcome is unknown. lots of people heal from cancer or keep on living even if they have it. fucking cancer. life is so intense. each day i will wear the garnet heart. each day i will wear eye make-up. each day i will shoot…

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​double-helixed uBuntu

And I thought it was the operating system I typically use…. 🙂

Scribbled Verse

double-helixed uBuntu …

these interwoven veins,





us all.


this common



‘I am because you are’*

all of us.


as one.

me andyou …

… uBuntu*

* – uBuntu is an isiXhosa/isiZulu concept that espouses the “belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”

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Buenos Días mi Amor…

In my sleep I can hear,

Something’s ringing…

That faint alarm so

Early in the morning…

Or is it? Is it? Is it?Hmm,

Still stuck in my dream,

Should I open my eyes,

Leave this thrilling dream?

I asked myself, deliberated,

As another scene from a

Psychological thriller

Happened inside my head…

But that alarm, that notif

Sounded so great,

And this feeling,

What is it, who is it?

I have to see it!

Something’s different…

I reached for my phone

And a smile suddenly

Formed in my sleepy face…

What a way to wake up,

Seeing saccharine words

From the one you love

That love’s you back

So early the morning…

“Buenos días mi amor!”
© 2017Mel Joy (themonocheomereaper.wordpress.com) All Rights Reserved

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