Orthometry is a blog that took time to birth.  It is one of a series of blogs that began with Grand Trines (an astrology blog), and continued with Grand Dreams and Weekend Forecast.  Of those first three, only Grand Trines (GT) was a success, and the success was quite modest.

After seven years of writing astrology posts, and a powerful (and unpleasant) life event, a series of insights began to arrive.

The life event continued, and continues, as an unresolved mess, but the traffic at GT exploded as I began to reblog the content of others, becoming what some called a “content aggregator” blog.  I continued my own work, and a with a wider audience it continued to be well received.  I added, over the course of two years, Lost Dudeist Astrology (LDA), Mystic Rectangles, and Weekly Forecasts.  While GT focused on various forecasts, LDA aimed at a broader audience including Tarot, Metaphysics, the occasional pinup girl, and a mix of topics at least controversial and sometimes a bit taboo, quite intentionally.

Debateable News was spun off for my love of conspiracy theory matter, some of which I see as believable and other of which I see as preposterous.  I avoid giving my readers any clues as to which category I believe a particular post belongs, and tend to reblog “right wing” content because that is mostly what I see (but prefer multiple vantage points).

Risque Bizness became the container for my ongoing reblog of pinups girls, bikini models, cosplay models (>99% female), and the occasional nude and even more “taboo” topic.  Curiously, often my audience is about 50% female to that blog, and I have yet to fully decipher why.  (I think they want to see what the guys are looking at; this helps in strategically picking fashion and clothes, but I could be totally wrong on this.)

Mystic Rectangles is where I put aspectarian blogs.  It is intentionally low volume and is specifically targeted for astrologers and budding astrologers who wish to learn to read the aspects.  Weekly forecasts primarily contains my own weekly forecasts that I write about two weeks ahead of time and usually two at a time, and it also contains some non-astrology “weekly forecasts” such as tarot readings.  Sometimes I will put a monthly forecast here, but it is highly targeted as an outlet for my own work plus the reblogs of others who are writing weekly forecasts.  It is perfect for the reader who simply wants forecasts devoid of any other content.

Necessarily a “writers’ blog” and “photography blog” were spun off the above blogs.  Writing and photography are both interests of mine, so this is a natural fit.  But some of the writing, specifically poetry, deserves an independent blog.  That brings us to this blog: orthometry.

Finding a name is tricky.  I thought of orthographia, but that was taken with this blog.  The “owner” squatted their just long enough to take the name and do nothing else, ruining my chances of using it.  The same was true for a number of other names.  I note that I just now checked “orthografia” and WordPress says it is available.  I will grab it and use it for mechanics (style and grammar and related topics) and marketing (primarily self-publishing in marketplaces such as KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon)).

The name “orthometry” comes from the word that refers to “correctly” writing poetry, or mechanics.  This would mean poetry such as Shakespearean or similar, but let’s be clear: I will be reblogging a fair amount of “avant garde” poetry here as well as more traditional and maybe some commentary on mechanics.  I am particularly interested in lyrics and songwriting (including the Coursera songwriting course).

That said, I always do a chart, now, for the birth of a new blog.  I cannot say this is true for GT.  Unwisely, I did not cast a chart for its launch, though I have for most of the subsequent blogs.  The basic chart for this blog, orthometry, is shown here:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

We will have more to say about this as we post content, reblog content, and grow the blog.