​Royalty, sitting in regal stance

Opposing black and white

Playing on, (chance by chance)

The board of Kings and Knights.

One twitches his tash
Shifts his cushioned antique chair

Did you hear about the one with the gash;

Riding away in an abundance of Flair?

The sky was red, Land draped in mist

The river cried blood

The sun did set, upon a ghastly war

As he pulled down his hood

He moved his crown

Above his Wrinkled forehead

Thinking of his next strike

Rubbed his palms and said -

They say a lad did rise

Wounded, from the sea of the dead

No armor, sword or disguise

A convocation of eagles overhead.

He has the eyes of a tiger,

Agile as a deer

He entered as a fighter

And now the crowds he steers.

He will have to be crushed

Said the deep voice

On the other side of…

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Author: Grandtrines

Like so many people, I am a paradox. I am a politically conservative vegetarian. I am from a Christian background, and still tend to like those values, but am a metaphysical astrologer trained in science who has an interest in the magic of ancient Egypt and a weird belief that some piece of our essence can live on a server. I live in Texas, but like chatting with my international Wordpress pals the best. I learn by teaching. Technically, I am a "Leo," but I am very, very Aquarian with a dose of Scorpio. I bitterly complain about Algol (and Algol personaliites), yet it is the one star that defines me most (other than Regulus). (Which, oddly, makes me an Algol personality.) I am a reclusive lover of peace and quiet who has the Ascendant in the Via Combusta (the most conflict ridden part of the zodiac). I am an incredibly private person with a blog with over 800 followers and 50 to 150 regular daily visitors. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

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