the karmic beast is alive…

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there is good news in the bad news. my mom’s chemo treatment has started and no more cancer was found in the organs or blood. we have the initial answers. even though it’s still so painful, i felt relief that the cancer did not spread more and treatment could finally begin. i hope her body takes to the chemo well. i know many, where chemo worked. life is mysterious and we all respond differently to different things. the animal in us follows a mysterious path from life to death. talking more about it in the park with a friend i have not seen in a long time. giving her a shadow reading. explaining the trickster inside. our karmic beast, here to live a specific life the natal chart reveals. where pluto is in the chart is where the shadow lives, in the system i am attuning to, as there are…

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The Full Moon

Everyday Pagan


Last night,
As I stirred
And woke
And wiped the sleep from my eyes,
The full moon greeted me.

She shined
Her brilliance
Shuttered windows
And welcomed me home.

And I sat
In awed wonder
And opened the shutters wide.

I stared
And breathed deep
The light
And the comfort she offered.

I did not
For a second
Regret waking.
I rejoiced in the moment.

Stolen at three a.m.

Not all is right
Not all is well,
Not all is lost.

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R. A. Douglas

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel

Enclosed by a dead end.

Do you turn back or remain?

Have you plateaued?

You’ve gone through mazes and tunnels, and come out alive,

Yet none have ended with walls.

Mazes have many ways, many ends to choose from,

But tunnels, they’re only promised a light at the exit.

What then if that light is a hard dead end, and there are no other paths to turn to?

May 28, 2017

R. A. Douglas

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monday unravels…

The Bloomiverse...

not much to say. yesterday was productive and i was absorbed in every bit of it, as if the tasks were sponges and i was water. i ate a lot of bready carbs at lunch and i think it really helped me to focus on my paper, hard core. bread carbs are great brain food. i find that when i cut too much down on them, my mind is not able to concentrate and i am more in the physical body than the mental body. it’s always a balancing process. always. making sure not to cut out too much of any one thing to achieve some over manipulated result. making sure to not be too rigid while relying on discipline like its a spiritual father. i have very little energy right now for communicating with a lot of people or hanging out with friends. i don’t have much to give…

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