Happy Birthday To Me

Die Reise meines Lebens

Another 12 months flown by,
52 weeks accumulated wisdom,
coupled with 365 days of lessons.

Life’s classroom,
as I am sitting in one.
Sometimes I feel I understand,
at times I don’t.

During those clueless moments,
the content is repeated unknowingly,
as if there’s someone out there,
wanting me to truly comprehend this knowledge.
Those times,
I keep my head low,
or call for a time-out,
willing myself a breakthrough,
to gain the insight needed,
so the repetition stops.

On other occasions,
I feel the adrenaline rush,
especially impressed by myself,
my receptiveness,
my capability to pick up the skills.
My gut tells me,
these are your strengths,
work on those,
you’ll go far.

8760 hours of lectures and homework,
I read,
I listen,
I assimilate,
I know for sure,
this constant evolution,
stretches me,
bettering me,

Ready to receive,
poised to take-off,
with gusto,
I await,
for my next birthday.

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Through The Years©

The Writings of Felina Silver Robinson

There hasn’t been a moment since I first laid eyes on you

That I haven’t missed the smile upon your face

Nor the slight snort when you laugh

The way your hair glistens when hit by the sun or

The smell of your perfume even before you enter a room

I think of when you kept me up all hours of the night when things just weren’t right

Or you just couldn’t bear to say goodnight

There were days I thought our friendship wouldn’t last

But deep down knowing that it always would

Our friendship wasn’t perfect

But it was one to remember

There was no doubt of our devotion to seeing it through

I wish there wasn’t a reason that I now sit here without you

Remembering all that use to be

As you fly high now over me

I hope you will always remember me

Through The Years©

By Felina Silver…

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seated_thoughtful_woman-1455157307m Image Credits – Google Images

Being born into that family,
She was no more than a parasite.
Looking for means to feed on others’ liberty,
And failing to do so when denied.

Let her spend her life in tears,
Wasted and labelled ‘Useless’.
Life was worth living had she wanted to,
Unnecessary domination ruined her existence.

Fuck them, who thought she was weak,
Yes, she was because where she belonged was not her strength.
Her strength lay in the arms of the man she loved,
Yet could not muster courage to speak his name.

She met him in private, where nobody knew.
But that was all that she did out of love.
For who could give her strength to break those fetters,
But only Time and some Love.


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We started acting and performing,

all of us had different roles,

some had to be belligerent,

others dipped themselves in placidity,

At first we all enjoyed,

but later,

we started bemoaning each other,

so involved we were,

in our individual roles,

that we played our parts to perfection,

and then the time came,

for the director’s biggest twist,

we all forgot that we were just actors,

we started taking the characters too seriously,

 we even forgot our own identities,

and finally,

  we entered into that trap,

that illusion,

known as life…

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